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The transition from summer to fall is almost complete. You’ve noticed the signs: The sun is retreating sooner and the leaves have become a dazzling prism of fiery hues.

Perhaps most notably, the breeze, that once provided cool relief on July afternoons, now urges you to cover your feet in your favorite pair of Fox River Monkey Adult Socks.

So you trade in your running shoes for ski boots and your summer-weight socks for the pure Merino wool of Fox River Socks. Wool is soft and breathable, with natural antimicrobial properties that stave off odor. That means that through this season and the next, whether reading by the fire, or stomping through the snow, you can count on your favorite socks to keep your feet cozy and dry.

And as you welcome the changing of the seasons, these socks will do more than just warm your feet. For, every time you look down, you’ll be touched by a sense of comforting nostalgia as you’re reminded of your favorite childhood toy.

Keep your happiest memories alive, and your feet utterly cozy, by ordering your pair of Fox River Monkey Adult Socks today.

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