Terms of Use

Woodsy Duds Terms of Use Last Updated: November 24, 2016 Welcome to this Woodsy Duds website ("Site") Woodsy Duds is pleased to serve you under these Woodsy Duds Terms of Use, as amended from time to time ("Terms"). YOUR USE OF OUR SITE CONSTITUTES YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS. DO NOT USE THE SITE OR PROVIDE INFORMATION IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS. "You" means an individual who is a Woodsy Duds customer or member or who is merely using or browsing our Site. These Terms are separated into two parts:
  • Part One applies to all users
  • Part Two only applies to those who make a purchase from us.
You should feel free to ignore Part Two if you are only "window-shopping," for example. These Terms apply even if you are not a member of Woodsy Duds.

Part One

Terms For All Site Users

1. Who We Are.

We are Woodsy Duds. ("Woodsy Duds", "we," "us," "our") and our headquarters are located at 1994 Little Cottage Ln, Bozeman Montana 59715; see http://www.woodsyduds.com/contact-us/ for further contact information, including how to contact us by email.

We do not charge you for merely using our Site; if a particular Site activity carries a charge, it will be disclosed in connection with the activity.


2. Site Features, Functionality and Availability; Termination

You may use the Site when and as available. Although we generally intend the Site to be available 24/7, it will not always be available (e.g., during maintenance, changes, outages and for other reasons we determine). We reserve the right to change or eliminate, and restrict or block access to all or any part of the Site from time to time without notice.


3. Supplemental Terms

Supplemental terms may appear on the Site in connection with particular activities or transactions if we have rules for the activity. These Terms do not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with Woodsy Duds, or its subsidiaries or affiliates, for products, services or otherwise. Further, these Terms do not interfere with the separate contracts and privacy policies of third parties with whom you contract.


4. Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy contains our practices regarding personally identifying information about you. You should review the Privacy Policy because it describes the information that we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with that information.


5. Attribution of Electronic Acts to You; Passwords

Several Site activities require passwords (e.g., if you establish one to create "Your Account"). You agree that if your password is used on the Site, we may attribute all use to you and you will be legally bound by it even if the person using your password had no actual authority or failed to correct an error. You agree to protect your password as confidential information and to prohibit anyone you share it with from disclosing it to anyone not authorized by you. We recommend that you not share your password, but if you do, you agree to save, defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any use claimed to be unauthorized.


6. Our Accuracy Caution; Your Responsibility to Get the Information You Need

From time to time there might be information on the Site that is outdated or contains errors, inaccuracies, or omissions (collectively, "Inaccuracy"), including but not limited to descriptions of events, locations, products and services, pricing, product availability and tracking or other information. Also note that although we have tried accurately to display colors of products, the colors you see may depend on specifications and settings of your computer and its display and might not accurately depict the actual color of the product. We reserve the right to correct any Inaccuracy even if you have placed an order; we also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and your payment card charged. If your card has already been charged and your order is canceled, we will promptly issue an adjustment to your card account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Even if there is no Inaccuracy, the product descriptions and all other information are intended only to be indicative, including (without limitation) "size finder" charts, shipping timelines and other information. No information is intended to be a guaranty or warranty, including (but not limited to) about what is right for you, and you agree not to rely on any information and to do your own research and analysis as well. No information provided on the Site is a substitute for qualified instruction or personal experience. Woodsy Duds assumes no liability for the use of or reliance on information – it is your responsibility to have the proper knowledge, experience and gear to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities safely.


7. Our Ownership of Content; Woodsy Duds; All Rights Reserved

All Content* on or relating to the Site is the property of Woodsy Duds or its affiliates, licensors or suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress and/or other intellectual property or additional laws, by this contract or notices, and by robot exclusion headers and other technological measures. No Content may be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted or transmitted in any way except pursuant to the express provisions of these Terms and any supplemental terms provided with the Content, or with our prior explicit consent in a separate record; all rights not expressly granted to you are reserved. Modification or use of Content for any other purpose may violate intellectual property rights, and no title to copies or to intellectual property rights are transferred to you – all title and rights remain with us.

Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print in hard copy portions of this Site for the sole purposes of:

    1. obtaining a copy of these Terms and any other contract or disclosure that we are required to provide to you or that is part of our transaction with you
    2. using this Site for information input or for ordering goods or services subject to these Terms. * As used Woodsy Duds, "Content" means (without limitation) all information, data, text, design, graphics, pictures, images, music, sound files, animation, video, interfaces, icons, software code, and the selection and arrangement of any or all of the foregoing appearing or included from time to time on or in the Site. Some content is also subject to further terms and conditions provided in connection with the particular Content.

8. Infringement of Our Rights or the Rights of Others; Our Copyright Agent

You agree to respect the intellectual property and other informational rights of us and others. As for intellectual property rights of others, anyone who believes that their work has been reproduced in a way that constitutes copyright infringement may provide a notice to Woodsy Duds support (Click here to contact support). It is our policy to terminate in appropriate circumstances any (if any) account or right of access for repeated infringement, and we also reserve the right to terminate for even one infringement.


9. Solicited Submissions* Policy; Unsolicited Submissions Policy

We welcome your input but only under our policies and only for non-confidential information that you own by yourself. You are solely responsible for what you provide and agree to save, defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claims made regarding your Submissions. We have two policies:

    1. A Solicited Submissions Policy ("Solicited")
    2. An Unsolicited Submissions Policy ("Unsolicited").

The distinction between the two is that under the Solicited policy we will expressly ask you to provide Submissions; under our Unsolicited Policy, you submit something without our asking for it. Under both policies, you agree that no Submission will:

    • (a) violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal, intellectual property or proprietary right(s), or
    • (b) be libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive, offensive, obscene, misleading, unfair or deceptive or constitute trade disparagement.
      • (a) Solicited Policy

When we expressly ask you to give us Submissions, it is usually because we want your input on a product, service or survey. Right now, we ask for any Submissions you'd like to make about our Site, services or products so that we can improve them. We assume when we ask, however, that you are willing to provide input without getting paid or receiving other compensation. Sometimes for particular surveys or topics, we might include an express statement that we will provide a discount or coupon, but that will depend on the particular request (and the above general request does not include any such statement).

      • (b) Unsolicited Policy

We do not want to receive Submissions if you expect to be paid or want to continue to own or claim rights in them (e.g., if you want to be a patent owner or to exercise intellectual property or other rights in them). For example, if you have a great idea for a new product that you think we ought to make, but you also want to share in any resulting patent or profits, do not make your Submission. We do not want and will not accept such Submissions (regardless of what your communication may say about acceptance): your idea might be great, but we might have had the same or a similar idea and we don't want disputes. Accordingly, do not make a Submission unless you are willing to be bound by this policy. UNDER BOTH POLICIES, IF YOU MAKE A SUBMISSION TO Woodsy Duds THEN THAT WILL BE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF Woodsy Duds’s POLICY (SOLICITED OR UNSOLICITED, AS THE CASE MAY BE) AND WILL ALSO BE:

          • Your assignment to Woodsy Duds of all of your rights (worldwide), title, interest and goodwill in the Submission
          • Your agreement that Woodsy Duds will become the sole owner of the Submission upon Woodsy Duds’s receipt of it and may use it (or not use it) for all possible purposes and in all possible media, now or later known or unknown
          • Your agreement that Woodsy Duds is and shall be under no obligation to
            • Maintain any Submission in confidence
            • Respond to or provide credit for any Submission
            • Pay or provide any other consideration to you or anyone else for a Submission.

However, with respect to Solicited Submissions, if we say in our solicitation that will provide a coupon or other consideration, then we will do so as your sole and exclusive compensation. *"Submission" means all reviews, comments, feedback, videos, postal mail, e-mails or other communications, suggestions, ideas, copyrighted works, information and anything else submitted or offered to us by you electronically, non-electronically, orally or otherwise.


10. Product Reviews.

As part of our collection of Submissions, we may provide, directly or through a third party, specific opportunities for you to tell Woodsy Duds and other Woodsy Duds members or users what you think about products or services. If you take advantage of such a product review opportunity, you agree to state your opinions lawfully and in good faith and reveal to others any conflict of interest or relationship that might influence your views (e.g., if someone is paying or giving you something for free to encourage you to comment, you agree to make appropriate disclosures). All comments are the opinions of the person commenting and do not necessarily reflect the views of Woodsy Duds. If you want to keep a comment that you submit electronically, print it when you see it because we reserve the right to remove or edit comments and to exercise all rights granted to us under the federal Communications Decency Act (without undertaking any duty to monitor or edit). We might use a third party to "power" or provide this opportunity to review products or services – in that case, you will also need to review the terms of service for that party's website, including its privacy policy, to determine whether they are acceptable to you. If they are not, do not use their site or provide comments.


11. User Content and Interactive Services or Areas

The Site may also include discussion forums, user generated content or other interactive areas or services, including chat rooms or message boards, online hosting or storage services, or other areas or services in which you or third parties create, post or store content, messages, materials or other items on the Site ("Interactive Areas"). The Submissions policies apply to these Interactive Areas. In addition, you agree that you are solely responsible for your use of such Interactive Areas and use them at your own risk. By using any Interactive Areas, you agree not to post, upload to, transmit, distribute, store, create or otherwise publish through the Site any of the following:

    • Any message, data, information, text, music, sound, photos, video, graphics, code or other material ("User Content") that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable
    • User Content that would constitute, encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law
    • User Content that may infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of any party. By posting any User Content, you represent and warrant that you have the lawful right to distribute and reproduce such User Content
    • User Content that impersonates any person or entity or otherwise misrepresents your affiliation with a person or entity
    • Unsolicited promotions, political campaigning, advertising or solicitations
    • Private information of any third party, including, without limitation, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers;
    • Viruses, corrupted data or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files
    • User Content that, in the sole judgment of Woodsy Duds, is objectionable or which restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying the Interactive Areas or the Site, or which may expose Woodsy Duds or its users to any harm or liability of any type.

Woodsy Duds takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any User Content posted, stored or uploaded by you or any third party, or for any loss or damage thereto, nor is Woodsy Duds liable for any mistakes, defamation, slander, libel, omissions, falsehoods, obscenity, pornography or profanity you may encounter. Your use of Interactive Areas is at your own risk. As a provider of interactive services, Woodsy Duds is not liable for any statements, representations or User Content provided by its users in any public forum, personal home page or other Interactive Area. Although Woodsy Duds has no obligation to screen, edit or monitor any of the User Content posted in any Interactive Area, Woodsy Duds reserves the right, and has absolute discretion, to remove, screen or edit any User Content posted or stored on the Site at any time and for any reason without notice, and you are solely responsible for creating backup copies of and replacing any User Content you post or store on the Site at your sole cost and expense. Any use of the Interactive Areas or other portions of the Site in violation of the foregoing violates these Site Terms and may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of your rights to use the Interactive Areas and/or the Site. In order to cooperate with legitimate governmental requests, subpoenas or court orders, to protect Woodsy Duds's systems and customers, or to ensure the integrity and operation of Woodsy Duds's business and systems, Woodsy Duds may access and disclose any information it considers necessary or appropriate, including, without limitation, user profile information (i.e. name, e-mail address, etc.), IP addressing and traffic information, usage history, and posted User Content. Woodsy Duds's right to disclose any such information shall govern over any terms of Woodsy Duds's Privacy Policy. If you post User Content to the Site, unless we indicate otherwise, you grant Woodsy Duds and its affiliates a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully sublicensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such User Content throughout the world in any media. You grant Woodsy Duds and its affiliates and sublicensees the right to use the name that you submit in connection with such content, if they choose. You represent and warrant that:

    • (a) you own and control all of the rights to the User Content that you post or you otherwise have the right to post such User Content to the Site
    • (b) the User Content is accurate and not misleading
    • (c) use and posting of the User Content you supply does not violate these Site Terms and will not violate any rights of or cause injury to any person or entity.

12. Links to or From Third Party Sites

The Site may link to other websites and some sites link to ours. We provide these links as a convenience but unless we specifically say so, we do not endorse the linked site or anything on it. Additionally, some services offered on or through the Site are provided by third party service providers, even though the page might look like a Woodsy Duds page. You'll be able to tell when a third party is the service provider because the page will usually so indicate (e.g., it will say something like "brought to you by" or "powered by" the third party). If you deal with a linked site or use these services, your transaction is not with Woodsy Duds, so you should review the linked site's "terms of use," other contract(s) and privacy policy before doing your transaction.


13. No Commercial Use; No Resale; No Extraction

You may use the Site solely for lawful and, except with our written agreement, personal, non-commercial purposes in compliance with these Terms. If you are using the Site on behalf of any entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to accept these Terms on such entity's behalf, and that such entity agrees to indemnify you and Woodsy Duds for violations of these Terms. Items that you purchase, including but not limited to Woodsy Duds products and gift cards, may not be purchased for resale to others and we may limit quantities. If someone other than Woodsy Duds tries to sell you something from Woodsy Duds, your rights will not be the same as if you purchased from Woodsy Duds or you might not have rights at all. For example, if you purchase a Woodsy Duds gift card other than from Woodsy Duds or select grocery stores with whom Woodsy Duds has contracted for the distribution of its gift cards, it may not be valid and, if so, Woodsy Duds will not honor it.


14. Your Conduct

You agree that you will not violate any law, contract or intellectual property right, or commit a tort. You also agree not to:

    • Attempt to access any service or area of the Site that you are not authorized to access
    • Alter information on or obtained from the Site
    • Use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access the Site or to extract data
    • Reverse engineer any aspect of the Site or do anything that might discover source code, or bypass or circumvent measures employed to prevent or limit access to any area, content or code of the Site (except as otherwise expressly permitted by law)
    • Send to or otherwise impact us or the Site (or anything or anyone else) with harmful, illegal, deceptive or disruptive code such as a virus, "spyware", "adware" or other code that could adversely impact the Site or any recipient
    • Access or use the Site or any service for any unlawful, unintended (by us) or harmful purpose, or other than in full compliance with applicable law and the Terms
    • Take any action which might impose a significant burden (as determined by us) on Site infrastructure
    • Interfere with the ordinary operation or mission of the Site or services
    • "frame" our Site or otherwise make it look like you have a relationship to us or that we have endorsed you for any purpose

15. Your Accuracy

You agree to supply only accurate, current and complete (collectively "Accurate") information when setting up an account on the Site, making a purchase, reviewing a product, or otherwise using the Site or a related service. You also agree to review and correct all information that is supplied about you (such as when our system "pre-populates" information you would otherwise have to enter) or that the Site draws from (such as the payment card information you keep in Your Account) to ensure that it is always Accurate. Woodsy Duds reserves the right to purge or delete information stored by members in its discretion.


16. No Warranties RE Site; As Is

You agree that our site and all content (as defined in "Infringement of Our Rights or the Rights of Others; Our Copyright Agent"), services and functionality (collectively, "Complete Site") are provided by us or any of our existing or future affiliates, suppliers or agents "As Is" and "With All Faults," and the entire risk as to the satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you. We do not make any representations or express warranties. Except for duties of good faith, we disclaim all warranties, conditions and duties, express, implied or statutory, including but not limited to any (if any) implied warranties, duties or conditions:

    • Of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose or use, of results, and of accuracy, completeness, privacy or security
    • Created by trade usage, course of dealing or course of performance.

we further disclaim all duties to you, if any such duties exist, including but not limited to reasonable care, workmanlike effort, and lack of negligence. If a duty cannot be disclaimed, you agree that the standard used to measure our performance of that duty will be intentional misconduct. Also, there is no warranty of title or against interference with your enjoyment of any aspect of the complete site, or against infringement. You expressly waive all duties, conditions and all warranties that might exist but for this paragraph.


17. No Incidental, Consequential Or Certain Other Damages

To the full extent allowed by law, you agree that neither we nor any of our existing or future affiliates, suppliers or agents will be liable to you and/or any other person for any special, incidental, punitive, consequential or general damages that are similar to those, or for damages for: lost profits, for loss or impairment of privacy, security or data, for failure to meet any duty (including but not limited to any duty of good faith, workmanlike effort or of lack of negligence), or for any other similar damages whatsoever that arise out of or are related to any breach or other aspect of the entire agreement (as defined below) or complete site, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages and even in the event of fault, tort (including negligence) or strict or product liability or misrepresentation.


18. Limitation Of Liability And Exclusive Remedy

You agree that your sole, aggregate remedy for any breach of the entire agreement (as defined below) and for any cause of action of any nature (including without limitation, tort) relating to any aspect of the entire agreement or the complete site shall be, at our option:

    • (1) repair, substitution, replacement or correction of all or part of the content, act or item giving rise to damages incurred in reasonable reliance and not excluded above
    • (2) the amount of damages not excluded above that you actually incur in reasonable reliance, which amount shall not exceed the amount (if any) you actually paid for the content, act or item causing said damages.

The damage exclusions and limitation of liability in these terms shall apply even if any remedy fails of its essential purpose.


19. Termination or Cancellation

Either we or you may end this agreement (the Terms) with or without cause or prior notice. You will still be liable for payment of any amounts due or other obligations incurred before this agreement ends, and if you use the Site after it ends, that use will be your new agreement to the Terms. If applicable law requires us to provide notice of termination or cancellation, we may give prior or subsequent notice by posting it on the Site or by sending a communication to any address (email or otherwise) that we have for you in our records. Our rights under Nos. 1-28 will survive termination of these Terms. Without canceling the agreement, we may suspend or block your access to the Site whenever it appears to us that you might be breaching these Terms or otherwise about to cause harm or damage to us or others.


20. Applicable Law and Exclusive Forum

This Site is controlled by us from our offices within the United States of America and is directed to U.S. users. If you choose to access this Site from locations outside the U.S., you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. You may not use or export anything from the Site in violation of U.S. export laws and regulations or the Entire Agreement (as defined below in Section 23 -- "Entire Agreement; Miscellaneous"). You agree that the Entire Agreement, all performances and all claims of every nature (including without limitation, contract, tort and strict liability) relating to any aspect of the Complete Site or any product or service obtained in any connection with it, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Montana, U.S.A. without regard to its conflict of law provisions and without regard to where performance is made (e.g., if you book a foreign trip at the Site and a claim arises in the foreign country, Montana law will still apply to that claim). You agree that any disputes shall be heard exclusively in the appropriate forum in Montana. You also consent to jurisdiction in a state or federal court sitting in Gallatin County, Montana and waive any claim or defense that such forum is not convenient or proper, and consent to service of process by any means authorized by Montana or federal law.


21. Notices, Including Our Address for Legal Notices

    • Notices to You
      • We may give you notice by any lawful method, including (without limitation) legal notices and notice of subpoenas. We may provide the notices by posting them on the Site or by giving them by email or postal mail to any address that we have for you. You agree to update your address as appropriate and to check for notices posted on the Site.
    • Notices to Us
      • Our Address for Legal Notices
        • We receive many e-mails and not all employees are trained to deal with every kind of communication, so you agree to send us notice by mailing it to "Our Address for Legal Notices" which is:
Woodsy Duds
Attn: Legal Department
1994 Little Cottage Ln #7
Bozeman Montana, 59715

22. Amendments

You agree that we may amend these Terms from time to time, including by changing (e.g., by adding, altering, deleting, increasing or decreasing or anything else) anything in these Terms ("Amendments"). With respect to the text of these Terms, we will post a new version of the Terms on the Site prior to the effective date of the amended version ("Effective Date") – we will try to do that ten days before a new version becomes effective, but we reserve the right to provide lesser or subsequent notice as we think advisable (such as in an emergency or to prevent harm to us or others). We may also give notice by another method, including by e-mail. You agree periodically to check for notice of an amended version and to review that version. The Effective Date of each version will usually be shown at the beginning of the Terms document: if you see a date that is later than the date you last reviewed the Terms, review the latest version because it will apply as of its Effective Date and until the next version is posted (and the ten-day period referenced above, if applicable, has passed). Until then, all amended versions will apply to all information then or later in our control or possession (except that if we've already accepted your order then we'll fill it at the price in effect on your order date regarding items in stock). No Amendments will be effective unless we post them on our Site. You agree that USING THE SITE OR MAKING A PURCHASE AFTER THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE AMENDED VERSION OF THESE TERMS WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR AGREEMENT TO THE AMENDED VERSION. If you terminate, you will still be entitled to any membership refund accruing before termination. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you agree that without amendment, we may change other Site information (other than the text of these Terms) in our sole discretion, including but not limited to changing pricing, fees (e.g., shipping and handling), carriers, and our refund procedures. You will be able to read the then current fees or other information before you place an order or sign up for a service – if you do not agree, do not proceed with your order.


23. Entire Agreement; Miscellaneous

These Terms, including items incorporated into them and any:

    • (a) additional terms on the Site or otherwise provided by us for particular activities
    • (b) disclosures provided by us and consents provided by you on the Site (collectively, "Entire Agreement")

constitute the entire agreement between us and neither party has relied on any representations made by the other that are not expressly set forth in the Entire Agreement. If any part of the Entire Agreement is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, then that part will be deemed superseded by an enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original and honors the allocation of risks in these Terms and the remainder of the Terms will continue in effect. Our failure to act with respect to a breach does not waive our right to act as to subsequent or similar breaches, and time is of the essence of the Entire Agreement. There are no third party beneficiaries of any part of the Entire Agreement.

Part Two – TERMS FOR USERS MAKING PURCHASES Part Two applies in addition to Part One if you purchase a product or service through the Site.

24. Pricing and Availability

All prices are shown in U.S. dollars (except where otherwise noted), and are valid and effective only for products and services ordered and shipped within the United States; taxes, shipping and handling charges are additional. All items are subject to availability and we reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any order, to reject all or part of an order and to discontinue products or services without notice, even if you have already placed your order. All prices are subject to change without notice and you agree that taxes may be adjusted from the amount shown on the billing screens. Several factors may cause this, such as variances between processor programs and changes in tax rates.


25. Agreement to Conduct Transactions Electronically; Recording; Copies

You agree that all of your transactions with or through the Site may, at our option, be conducted electronically from start to finish, and that any oral conversations may be recorded. If we decide to proceed non-electronically, those services will still be governed by the remainder of these Terms unless you enter into different terms provided by us. If the law allows you to withdraw this consent or if we are required to deal with you non-electronically, we reserve the right to charge or increase fees for doing so. You are responsible to print or make an electronic copy of these Terms and any other contract or disclosure that we are required to provide to you.


26. Shipping & Handling; No Export by You

When we ship to you or per your directions, you agree to pay the shipping and any handling charges shown on the Site on the date your order is placed. We reserve the right to increase, decrease and add or eliminate charges from time to time and without prior notice, so you agree to check all charges before placing an order or signing up for a service. Generally, shipping is by standard ground delivery. Any shipping or handling charges may or may not reflect actual costs. All orders are shipment contracts, not destination contracts. Any shipping times shown on the Site are estimates only - actual delivery dates may vary. You agree that you will not obtain or direct shipment of product for export.


27. Payment; Credit for Refunds & Pricing

Only valid credit cards or other payment method acceptable to us may be used and all refunds will be credited to the same card or, in our discretion, other method. By submitting your order, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to use the designated card or method and authorize us to charge your order (including taxes, shipping, handling and any amounts described on the Site) to that card or other method. If the card (or other method) cannot be verified, is invalid, or is not otherwise acceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled automatically. Regarding "Your Account," you agree to keep all payment card or other payment method information current and that we may submit charges for processing even if the card (or other method) has expired or changed by the time we submit it. You must resolve any problem we encounter in order to proceed with your order.


28. Return and Exchanges

Woodsy Duds has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see https://www.woodsyduds.com/pages/return-policy). You may return or exchange it by mail subject to any contrary terms imposed on your purchase (e.g., some of our "close out" items say "no return" or the like). Returns may make you ineligible for promotions and we reserve the right to require identification, proof of purchase, or additional verifiable information to help Woodsy Duds locate the purchase in our records. If a gift certificate or card, voucher, coupon or payment mechanism other than a credit or debit card was used to pay the original price, or if the purchase was part of a special offer that is not in effect when the return is made, we may give you a merchandise credit. After we have received your valid return, we will provide one of the following within a reasonable time:

    • an exchange of merchandise for the item returned
    • a non-transferable merchandise credit
    • a non-transferable gift certificate or gift card
    • a credit to the payment card used to pay for the product
    • a check, or another remedy that we determine in good faith is appropriate in the circumstances

If you do not comply with any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to refuse the return or exchange, or to impose different or additional conditions, including (without limitation) basing our response on the current sales price. If you believe a product is defective, contact us for return instructions applicable under the Woodsy Duds 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Further Information If you would like to receive our legal name and address by e-mail, you need to provide us your e-mail address by sending your request, in writing, to Our Address for Legal Notices. If you have a complaint, you may contact us. Notice of Copyright Agent Woodsy Duds respects the intellectual property rights of others and requests that you do the same. Anyone who believes that their work has been reproduced in the Site in a way constituting copyright infringement may provide a notice to the designated Copyright Agent for the Site containing the following:

    • An electronic or physical signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest
    • Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed;
    • Identification of the material that is claimed to be infringing and information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the material;
    • The address, telephone number, and, if available, an e-mail address at which the complaining party may be contacted;
    • A representation that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law
    • A representation that the information in the notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Copyright infringement claims and notices (but not other notices) should be sent to the attention of Alan Perryman, in the following manner:

    • By mail:
Woodsy Duds
ATTN: Alan Perryman, Owner
1994 Little Cottage Ln #7
Bozeman MT, 59715
    • By e-mail:


Notice of Availability of Filtering Software

We do not believe that the Site contains materials that would typically be the subject of filtering software. Nevertheless, all users are hereby informed by the provider of this interactive computer service that parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist in limiting access to material that is harmful to minors. A report detailing some of those protections can be found at http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/ntiageneral/cipa2003/index.html (Children's Internet Protection Act: Report on the Effectiveness of Internet Protection Measures and Safety Policies).


Notice: No Harvesting or Dictionary Attacks Allowed

We will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer addresses maintained by us to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages except as authorized as appropriate by our personnel or policies. Except for parties authorized to have addresses maintained by us, persons may violate federal law if they:

    • Initiate the transmission to our computers or devices of a commercial electronic mail message (as defined in the u.s. "can-spam act of 2003") that does not meet the message transmission requirements of that act
    • Assist in the origination of such messages through the provision of selection of addresses to which the messages will be transmitted.

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